TSCM Services

Full Member of the Espionage Research Institute International

Eavesdropping Detection Services

  • Determine Threat Level
  • Detailed Physical Search
  • Spectrum Analyzer Sweep
  • Detect Hidden Audio/Video Devices
  • Wireless Camera Sweep
  • IP Device Sweep
  • Identify/Locate IP Devices
  • ​Hardwired Device Analysis
  • ​Covert Vehicle GPS Sweep

We have performed searches and sweeps for homes, businesses, hotels, schools, restrooms, hospitals, churches, vehicles, boats, and planes.

Eavesdropping Detection Services
Spectrum Analyzer Sweep

We Can Detect the Following Devices

Hidden pinhole camera detection

Pinhole Cameras

Audio Transmitter Detection

Audio Transmitters

Wireless IP Camera/Microphone Detection

Wireless IP Camera/Audio Devices

GPS Tracking Device Detection

Covert GPS Tracking Devices

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