Our Services

Computer Forensics

Computer & Mobile Forensics

We can recover and document illicit online activities, as well as recover emails, text messages, internet history, financial files, USB activity, and deleted files. All evidence documented and continuity maintained.

Unmanned Surveillance


We specialize in surveillance for all matters of domestic, marital, cohabitational, relationship, and child custody issues. We use the latest in state-of-the art video and photographic equipment for all of our unmanned surveillance operations.

Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery

In our laboratory we can recover files and data from broken, damaged and water damaged mobile devices.

Cyber Security

We can help you detect and remove Spyware/Stalker-ware,
Malware, Key-loggers, Trojan Horses, and other Malicious Applications

Polygraph Examinations


Certified Polygraph Examiner & Member of the American Polygraph Association

TSCM Services


Eavesdropping Detection Services for homes, businesses, hotels, schools, restrooms, hospitals, churches, vehicles, boats, and planes.

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