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Michael Mancuso has been providing private investigation services in the Rumson, NJ area for decades. For more than twenty five years, he’s been making it his chief goal to provide a wide range of investigative services like Polygraph Examinations, Surveillance, Mobile Forensics, and TSCM Services. If you’re looking for any of these private detective services in the Rumson area, you wont find a better private investigator in Rumson, NJ than Mike Mancuso!

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 Private Investigator in Rumson, NJ

Surveillance & Hidden Cameras

  • Is your partner having an affair?
  • What kind of things do your teenagers do on the weekends?
  • Problems at home or with the custody of your children?

You can rely on us! Searching For The Truth Investigative Services is a professional Rumson, NJ private detective agency that specializes in surveillance for all matters of domestic, marital, relationship, and child custody issues. They use the most recent in state-of-the-art video and photographic equipment to conduct their investigations. For all of your private investigator needs give Searching Truth a call now or fill out the contact form below.

 Rumson, NJ Surveillance & Hidden Cameras
 Surveillance Services In Rumson, NJ

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