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Along with many other New Jersey residents, you know you can trust this private investigator, Mike Mancuso, for surveillance or eavesdropping services in Montclair, New Jersey. His many years of surveillance experience and high rat of customer satisfaction ensure that you’re in great hands when it comes to surveillance services, TSCM Services, Polygraph Examinations, and more!

Private detective Michael Mancuso has been working in the industry for decades and specializes in digital forensics and data recovery. His expertise is why he’s trusted by many people in Montclair, New Jersey.

 Montclair, NJ  Private Detective
Mike Mancuso,  Private Investigator In Mont Clair, NJ

Montclair Area Data Recovery Digital Forensics & TSCM Services

You won’t find a more trusted and reliable data recovery professional than those at Searching Truth. With his decades of experience in the private investigations industry, Mike is proud to be able to offer a wide variety of services that go above and beyond what you might find offered by other Montclair, NJ private detectives. We have the resources and expertise to offer residents of the Montclair area with Compute Forensics, Mobile Forensics, TSCM Services, Polygraph Examinations, Surveillance, Hidden Surveillance Cameras, and more. For all of your Data Recovery and Digital Forensics needs, give your local compute forensics expert and private investigator, Mike Mancuso a call today!

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Montclair, NJ Digital Forensics

Montclair, NJ Data Recovery

Recovered emails, internet history, & financial files can all be recovered with the assistance of the digital forensics services offered by Searching Truth, which is situated in Montclair, New Jersey. Every piece of evidence is meticulously documented, and we always maintain coherence. Mobile services of a specialized nature are offered both here in our laboratory and at your site.

If you are in need of data recovery services or any of our wide array of investigative services, give your trusted private investigator, Michael Mancuso, a call today!



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