Livingston, NJ Private Investigator


Private Investigators in Livingston, NJ

Have you hit a dead-end in your search for answers? Our private investigators at Searching for the Truth can help. Led by the experienced and skilled private investigator, Michael Mancuso, our team offers a wide range of services including surveillance, data recovery, polygraph testing, computer forensics, and more.

Michael Mancuso has over twenty-five years of experience as a state criminal investigator, offering expert knowledge and skills that can help uncover information in any case. At Looking for the Truth, we guarantee discreet and professional investigative services, with a custom approach for every client. Our advanced techniques and equipment assist us in discovering the truth you are seeking. Call today to see how we can help.

Livingston, NJ Private Investigator

Surveillance Services in Livingston, NJ

With the help of hidden cameras and aerial drones, we can discretely observe any clandestine arrangements or illicit operations. Our surveillance methods are stealthy and undetectable.

Digital Forensic Services in Livingston, NJ

Computer & Mobile Forensic Services in Livingston, NJ

With cutting-edge technology, our digital forensic experts can help recover lost emails, internet history, chatlogs, USB activity, pictures, videos, and more. We can also recover data from damaged phones.

Digital Forensic Services in Livingston, NJ

Cybersecurity Services in Livingston, NJ

We offer cybersecurity services for both Mac and Windows computers in addition to Android and IOS mobile devices. We can detect spyware, malware, key-loggers, trojan horse viruses, and other malicious applications.

Livingston, NJ Private Detectives

Livingston, NJ Private Detectives

Searching for the Truth employs experienced private detective in the Livingston, New Jersey, area to provide you with information you need. We have a variety of specialties including bug sweeping, surveillance, hidden cameras, and digital forensics. Every case requires different methods depending on the circumstances. We keep an open channel of communication with our clients throughout the case to keep you up-to-speed as new information is revealed. Whether you are an individual seeking personal answers or a business investigating internal affairs, our private detective services in Livingston, New Jersey, provide valuable expert assistance. 

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