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Michael Mancuso is retired from a 25-year career as a State Criminal Investigator in New Jersey. Mr. Mancuso rose through the ranks to become the Principal Investigator of the Technical Services Unit where he supervised the daily operations of the Computer & Mobile Forensic Unit, Electronic Surveillance Unit and Polygraph Unit.

Private Investigator Michael Mancuso after retiring from law-enforcement in 2008 became a New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator working many cases in Lakewood, NJ. If you need a private investigative services provider with the experience and resources to get the job done, Michael Mancuso is your best bet!

 Private Investigative Services in Lakewood, NJ
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Quality Investigative Services in New Jersey

Private Investigator Michael Mancuso is proud to provide the residents and businesses of Lakewood New Jersey with the most effective technical and investigative services. Our wide variety of Lakewood investigative services includes the following: Computer & Mobile Forensics, TSCM Services, Polygraph Examinations, Surveillance, and Hidden Surveillance Cameras

¬†Michael sets a great priority on providing Lakewood, New Jersey with the most effective services that he can offer, so if you’re interested in Polygraph Examinations, Surveillance, or any of the investigative services listed above, Searching Truth is here for you!

Surveillance & Hidden Cameras

Private Investigator Michael Mancuso has been doing investigations for more than 35 years and is situated in Lakewood, New Jersey. So if you’re looking for Investigative Services that include electronic bug sweeps, digital forensics, polygraph examinations and surveillance operations, Mike has your back! He’s god more than three decades in the field and is ready to provide you with the best private investigative services money can buy.¬†

For bug sweeps, surveillance, and other operations in the Lakewood region, contact Mike Mancuso, your reputable private investigator, right away!

 Lakewood, NJ Surveillance & Hidden Cameras
 Private Investigator In Lakewood, NJ
investigative services in nj
investigative services in nj
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