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Freehold Township Private Investigator

Michael Mancuso is now retired after serving the state of New Jersey as a State Criminal Investigator for a decades. Mr. Mancuso. He rose through the ranks to become the Principal Investigator of the Technical Services Unit where he supervised the Mobile Forensic Unit, Polygraph Unit, and Electronic Surveillance Unit. After retiring from police enforcement in 2008 and becoming a licensed private investigator in New Jersey, Michael Mancuso began working many cases in Freehold Township, New Jersey. Private Investigator Michael Mancuso worked in Lakewood, New Jersey.

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     Freehold Township, NJ Private Detective
    Freehold Township, NJ Private Detective

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    There are more than a few private investigators that operate in the Freehold Township area, but their aren’t many that have the expertise and resources to offer services that compete with ours. The private investigative services offered at Searching Truth are of a higher quality than those of other Freehold Township, NJ private detectives. What’s more, we’re able to offer a wider array of services. So if you’re looking for TSCM Services, Polygraph Examinations, Hidden Surveillance Cameras, or whatever private investigator services you need, you know that Searching Truth has you covered!


    Freehold Township Area Private Investigator For Surveillance Services

    If you require ample experience in bug sweeping, eaves dropping services, surveillance, and other related services, Mike Michael Mancuso is the Freehold Township, NJ private investigator for you. You can hire this private investigator for surveillance or eavesdropping services in Freehold Township, New Jersey because of their many years of surveillance experience in the area.

    Private detective Michael Mancuso has been doing investigations for more than 35 years and is situated in Freehold Township, New Jersey. Private investigator Michael Mancuso, who specializes in digital forensics and data recovery, is hired by many people in Freehold Township, New Jersey.

    For bugsweeping, surveillance, and other operations in the Freehold Township region, contact Mike Mancuso, your reputable private investigator, right away!

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