Computer & Mobile Forensics

SVFI Certified

Computer Forensics

Are your employees using your Internet service to gamble online, stock trade or for pornography? Has there been a theft of financial files or intellectual property from your computers? Has there been a deletion of files from your computers? Is your significant other engaging in an affair online?

Let us recover and document illicit online activities, E-mail recovery, Internet history, Financial file recovery, USB activity, Deleted files recovered. All evidence documented and continuity maintained. Discreet mobile service at your location or at our laboratory.

During a computer forensics operation, we recover and document the following:

  • Email files
  • Internet history
  • Social media (including Facebook)
  • Internet browser searches
  • Financial files
  • Chat-logs
  • Mobile phone backups
  • Image/Video
  • USB activity
  • Google Maps history
  • Google Timeline
  • Documents
  • ​Deleted files
Computer Forensic Services
Data Forensics
Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics

During a mobile device forensic examination the following file types are recovered and examined. Then a detailed forensic report is prepared for the client. This service can be performed discreetly at your location with our mobile vehicle or in our forensic laboratory. ​

  • Messages
  • Email
  • Call Logs
  • Voicemail
  • Social media
  • Document Files
  • Financial Files
  • WiFi Locations
  • Bluetooth Activity
  • Google Maps history
  • Google timelines
  • Photo/Video Files
  • Chat application files
  • Deleted files

In our laboratory we recover files and data from broken, damaged and water damaged mobile devices.

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