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Licensed in Burlington, New Jersey, Searching For The Truth Investigations offers our clients investigative and forensic services. Michael Mancuso, a private investigator in Burlington, New Jersey, has been working in the field for more than 35 years. Many people in Burlington, New Jersey turn to Michael Mancuso as their go-to private investigator because of his experience in data recovery and digital forensics.

Give searching truth a call right now if you’re looking for a private investigator in Burlington, New Jersey who can conduct digital forensics and data recovery services.

     Private Investigator In Burlington City, NJ
    Private Investigator Burlington City, NJ

    In our Burlington City data recovery laboratory, we recover files and data from damaged devices

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    Burlington City, NJ Digital Forensics

    Burlington City, NJ Digital Forensics

    Do members of your workforce engage in online stock trading, gambling, or pornography? Have your computers ever been the victim of intellectual property or money theft? Have you deleted any files from your computers? Are you dating someone who is having an online affair?

    The digital forensics experts at Searching Truth in Burlington, New Jersey may assist in recovering and documenting illicit online activities, deleted data, emails, internet history, and retrieving financial files. Consistency is upheld, and every piece of evidence is recorded. Distinct mobile service is offered both at our lab and at your location.

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