Bloomfield, NJ Private Investigator


Private Investigators in Bloomfield, NJ

Searching for the Truth is the one-stop destination for any of your investigative needs. As a private investigator in Bloomfield, New Jersey, Michael Mancuso offers a range of detective services including surveillance, data recovery, polygraphing, cybersecurity, computer and mobile forensics, and more.

Michael is a retired State Criminal Investigator with over twenty-five years of experience under his belt. At Searching for the Truth, we offer our professional investigative services to individuals and businesses in Bloomfield. No matter what information you are searching for, we can assist in revealing the truth. Using our breakthrough technology and expertise, we can help find evidence of infidelity, corporate espionage, and more. 

Private Investigators in Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield, NJ Private Investigator

Surveillance Services in Bloomfield, NJ

With the help of hidden cameras and aerial drones, we can discretely observe any clandestine arrangements or illicit operations. Our surveillance methods are stealthy and undetectable.

Digital Forensic Services in Bloomfield, NJ

Computer & Mobile Forensic Services in Bloomfield, NJ

With cutting-edge technology, our digital forensic experts can help recover lost emails, internet history, chatlogs, USB activity, pictures, videos, and more. We can also recover data from damaged phones.

Digital Forensic Services in Bloomfield, NJ

Cybersecurity Services in Bloomfield, NJ

We offer cybersecurity services for both Mac and Windows computers in addition to Android and IOS mobile devices. We can detect spyware, malware, key-loggers, trojan horse viruses, and other malicious applications.

Bloomfield, NJ Private Detectives

 At Searching for the Truth, we offer private detective services for the area of Bloomfield, New Jersey, to help you discover the truth you deserve. Whether you need bug sweeping, surveillance, hidden cameras, or digital forensics, we have you covered. We handle personal and professional cases alike. You can rest easy knowing our private detectives will reveal the information you need.

Our private detectives are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We work hand-in-hand with clients to fully understand their needs and concerns. Every case is different and can benefit from different processes and technology. We keep in touch with you throughout the process to give you updates and keep you informed as we uncover information. 

If you are trying to uncover lost internet data, we may be able to help. Our computer and mobile forensics often produce irrefutable evidence of illicit behaviors ranging from a cheating spouse to intellectual theft. Contact us today to begin discussing your concerns with our private detectives today.

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