Asbury Park, NJ Private Investigator

Private Investigator Michael Mancuso is proud to provide the residents and businesses of Asbury Park, NJ  with the most effective technical and investigative services.


Private Detective In The Asbury Park Area

As your trusted private investigator in Asbury Park New Jersey, Michael Mancuso has the answers your looking for. Regardless of the matter, Michael strives to provide the evidence needed for your request. As an advanced private investigator in Asbury Park New Jersey, Michael Mancuso can help.

Michael, a private investigator operating in Asbury Park and retired twenty-five-year state criminal investigator is here to provide your truth. He is your go-to Asbury Park New Jersey private detective. With advanced experience in computer forensics, mobile forensics, and polygraph services there is no limit to Michael’s detective services. Have a high-tech-related investigation? Call your local Asbury Park New Jersey private investigator today for services. Searching for the truth investigations provides premium services in private investigations, Private Detectives, Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Polygraph Service, TSCM, and General Surveillance. Reach out to the Searching For The Truth team today to get the answers you deserve.

 Asbury Park, NJ Private Investigator
Private Investigator  Asbury Park, NJ
Asbury Park , NJ Private Investigator

Asbury Park City, NJ Private Investigator Digital Forensics

Do your staff partake in online stock trading, gambling, or pornography? Has someone ever stolen money or intellectual property using your computers? Do your computers still have any erased files? Are you dating someone who is having an online affair?

Digital forensics experts at Searching Truth in Asbury Park, New Jersey may be able to assist with locating and preserving deleted data, emails, internet history, financial file retrieval, and unlawful online behavior. Every piece of proof is logged, and consistency is maintained. Special mobile services are provided both at our lab and at your site.

Surveillance & Hidden Cameras in Asbury Park, NJ 

People in Asbury Park, New Jersey know they can rely on Michael Mancuso as their go-to private investigator for surveillance services and hidden cameras because of our experience and attention on customer satisfaction. If you contact Searching Truth, you can be confident that Michael will make it his top priority to offer you the greatest covert video and surveillance services money can buy.

Surveillance Services in  Asbury Park

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