Licensed Private Investigator

​Searching For The Truth Investigative Services is owned and operated by Michael Mancuso who retired in 2008 from twenty-five years of service as a State Criminal Investigator in New Jersey. During Mr. Mancuso’s law-enforcement career he served as a Senior Investigator in the Major Crimes Unit where he conducted numerous homicide investigations and processed many crime scenes. Mr. Mancuso also served as the Major Crimes Unit Polygraph Examiner and conducted over one thousand polygraph examinations. Mr. Mancuso served in the Electronic Surveillance Unit and conducted hundreds of hours of surveillance and supervised many undercover operations. In 1997, Mr. Mancuso was promoted to the prestigious rank of Principal Investigator and was assigned to supervise the daily operations of the Computer & Mobile Forensics Unit. Mr. Mancuso has conducted over five thousand forensic examinations pertaining to computers as well as mobile devices. Mr. Mancuso has been qualified by the NJ Courts as an Expert Witness in Computer & Mobile Forensics. Mr. Mancuso is a life member of the Fraternal Order of Police, High Tech Crime Investigators Association, American Polygraph Association, and Espionage Research Institute. Mr. Mancuso is a New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator and is bonded and insured. All cases handle by Searching For The Truth Investigative Services will be handled professionally and confidentially. Please, find below training accomplishments completed by Mr. Mancuso during his career.

Michael Mancuso

  • NJ. Division of Criminal Justice Investigators Academy
  • National White Collar Crime Center Computer Forensic Schools
  • Expert Witness Computer Forensic School
  • New Jersey Criminal Justice Computer Forensic Training
  • Magloclen Computer Crimes & Investigation Training
  • High Tech Crimes Investigators Forensic & Intrusion Training
  • Access Data (FTK)Computer Forensic Schools
  • Guidance Software (Encase) Computer Forensic Schools
  • Paraben PDA Forensic School Certification
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Surveillance Photography School
  • New Jersey State Police Homicide School
  • ID Officers Association Evidence Technician School
  • Emergency Response Team (ERT) Academy
  • Academy For Scientific Investigation Polygraph Certification
  • Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice Sex Offender Polygraph Certification
  • Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice Computerized Polygraph Training
  • Research Electronics International TSCM Training
  • Tactical Technologies Electronic TSCM Training
  • Delaware University Interview & Interrogation Training
  • NJ Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Computer Network Technologies A Plus Certification
  • GemStar Mobile Device Repair School Master Technician Certification
  • Device Doctors Micro-soldering & Board level Repair
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